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Tiger cub ”Obie” – 2015 mascot for the Massillon High School football team.

The Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act is simply the most important piece of legislation to ever be introduced to protect lions, tigers and other exotic wild cats. This bill will be introduced in the 2015 legislative session of the United States Congress; and in 2014, had the bipartisan support of 119 lawmakers. We are optimistic that this bill will obtain enough support to finally be passed into law this year; and is supported by all the major animal welfare organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Born Free USA, Big Cat Rescue, and others.



• It would end the private possession and breeding of lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards, cheetahs, jaguars…

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Libra Lionheart

As discussed in my recent article “The Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act”, I referenced the fact that there were no less than 41 countries that had established either full or partial bans of the use of exotic animals in circus acts. ( Yet the United States Congress has failed to push through similar legislation; although certainly not for a lack of effort.

On November 3, 2011, H.R. 3359 was introduced to the 112th Congress by Representative James “Jim” Moran of Virginia and cited as the “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act”. This bill presented ten compelling reasons as to why this act deserved passage into law:

1. The traveling circus is detrimental to animal welfare due to the adverse effects of captivity and transport;

2. The severe confinement, lack of free exercise and the restriction of natural behaviors, animals are prone to health, behavioral, and psychological problems.

3. The…

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No Animal Acts for Shrine Circuses

Libra Lionheart

If you missed this recently, from the IDA (In Defense of Animals), the largest producer of U.S. Shrine Circuses announced he will be retiring all wild animal acts. Below is the announcement:

Bill Cunningham, the owner of The George Carden International Circus, the largest producer of US Shrine Circuses in the country, announced earlier this week that he will be retiring all wild animal acts.

As early as next week, Shrine Circus will be in full performance, but wild animals will be nowhere in sight.

While Bill’s motives are questioned by some of the other Shrine Circus representatives, who claim he had issues with the “suppliers” of the animals used and abused for entertainment, we’re thrilled about the outcome nonetheless.

Bill has made a statement that he is retiring all the acts due to the ‘immense psychological stress’ experienced by the animals.

“No lions, no tigers, no elephants. Our stars…

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Let’s take an easy quiz. Of the twelve animals below, can you name at least ten that you have either seen in your lifetime, or at least have some familiarity?

American Alligator        Bald Eagle                 California Condor
Florida Manatee             Florida Panther       Green Sea Turtle
Grizzly Bear                      Key Deer                     Southern Rocky Lynx
Peregrine Falcon            Whooping Crane      Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Pretty simple, right? In fact, I would be surprised if you named any fewer than all twelve. But had it not been for the passage of the Endangered Species Act (16 U.S.C. §1531 et seq. 1973), most, if not all of these animals would probably have become extinct years ago?

Probiscus Monkey
Probiscus Monkey – source: The Scientific American
Endangered Species

When President Richard Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA), he said “Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been…

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